Meditation 101

Meditation 101 I sometimes get asked what the benefits are for a solid meditation practice.  For me, meditation comes down to three core results: 1. Space – meditation is where I am allowed to have some space.  This is in terms of peace and quiet, but also space from the constant thinking that I experience during waking hours.  This doesn’t mean that I’m not meditating when thoughts come into view.… Read More »

Treating Myself Like a Dog

Treating Myself Like a Dog One of the first lessons we teach puppies is the action of “Stay”.  I can recall being five years old and teaching my first dog Beauty this lesson.  ”Beauty…stay…stay…good girl!” It was especially important that Beauty follow this instruction well.  It was a matter of life and death for her.  You see, we lived on a large curve on Hix Bridge Road in Westport Massachusetts… Read More »


Impermanence Nothing stays exactly the same – ever.  This is a lesson that came late in life for me.  My natural tendency is that when I come across a wonderful experience, feeling, or gift – I hold tight to it for as long as possible hoping to freeze the feeling .  The reality is that as soon as I go about grasping in this way, pain begins to flood in.… Read More »

Best Music Videos of 2014

Best Music Videos of 2014 As America gets ready for the Grammy’s I thought I would share my favorite artists and songs of the year.  I would like to specifically share some of my favorite music videos.  I have been fan of music videos from the 80′s when they first became part of the fabric of our society (when MTV had artistic and culturally challenging thoughtful content).  I usually watch… Read More »

Giga Geek

Giga Geek I’ve been toying with shifting my focus of this blog for some time now to be more in line with the Giga Geek that I am.  While my Spirituality and meditation practice have not wained and are a major aspect of who I am, I am wanting to also write about my other passion and love – technology.  As most of my close friends know, I have a… Read More »

Golden Globe Predictions 2014

Jeffery and I always have a little competition on the night of the Golden Globes. As someone with no experience in the entertainment industry and base my choices on my opinion vs. politics, I always lose. My strategy has not changed for this year. Here are my golden globe hopes of 2014: MOTION PICTURES Best Drama 12 Years a Slave Best Musical/Comedy American Hustle Best Director Steve McQueen, 12 Years a… Read More »

What’s Halloween All About?

What’s Halloween All About? I have always enjoyed Halloween – getting dressed, acting like someone I’m not able to be in my real life.  Perhaps some of this is because I spent so much of my life hiding my true self and this was a once a year opportunity.  Historically Halloween was a Christianized version of the Celtic annual celebration of the harvest and herd collection with a movement into… Read More »

Accepting My Imperfections

Being Happy with My Imperfection “The thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself.” ~Anna Quindlen This week has been a challenge.  I have been in a new environment at work, and while nothing terrible has happened – my insecurities have come out in full force.  I have been working in an office environment for the better… Read More »

Why I’m a Geek

Why I’m a Geek My friends and family sometimes wonder why I’m a geek… Yes, I slept on a NYC street amongst the homeless to get one of the first of the morning.  I was like a child on the night before a trip to Disney World.  I knew that keeping my spot in line was the best option since I wasn’t going to get any sleep anyways.  The long… Read More »

A One Time Deal

One Time Deal As I recently learned that my son is en route to fatherhood himself, I am reminded of how limited the time of my life has.  I am grateful for the nearly 43 years I have had in my existence as this particular jumble of cells.  I look at what time I may have left and wonder if I am happy with where things are going.  Generally speaking… Read More »